Chart Customizer Property

How can I get this chart customizer property for scripting? I need toggle this property to execute my idea. Can someone help me?

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For the default axis, this should work:

#chartComponent = event.source.parent.getComponent('Chart') #Relative path to chart
chartComponent.chart.plot.domainAxis.visible = False
chartComponent.chart.plot.domainAxis.visible = True
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If you need a specific axis, this approach works:

chartComponent = event.source.parent.getComponent('Chart')
plot = chartComponent.chart.plot
for axisIndex in range(plot.domainAxisCount):
	axis = plot.getDomainAxis(axisIndex)
	if plot.getDomainAxis(axisIndex).label == 'Date':#or whichever one you are after
		axis.visible = False
		#axis.visible = True

How can I call the y axis instead?


The code word for y is range, so it will be rangeAxis instead of domainAxis

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