Chart Dataset with None does not Autoscale

I am creating a chart that may have None entries in the dataset. It appears that when the dataset has None the auto scale on the Y axis does not work. The Y axis is just blank and none of the data points are shown. If I manually set the Y axis range then the points are plotted. Is there a property or function I can use on the chart to set the axis dynamically?

Humm - that doesn’t seem like correct behavior. You shouldn’t need to programmatically trigger anything. Are you using a Chart component or an Easy Chart? Both should be able to properly autoscale Y axis with NULL values in their data sets.

The only case that I can recall that doesn’t show an axis is an Easy Chart that doesn’t have any pens assigned to it. Verify that “Pen Manipulation?” is set to true, pens are checked, and that you’ve selected an X axis range with data.

Can you export and attach the Window with the chart that works manually scaled, but not auto-scaled.

here you go. there is code on the drop down which changes the data in the charts dataset.
chart_autoscale.fwin (130 KB)

Thanks Jonathan. This was a bug that only affected Category-mode classic charts. It has been fixed for 3.3.1