Chart in real time

I need to assemble a template with 10 charts to show the temperature of ten pieces of equipment. Could someone tell me how to display the temperature from 2h, 4h, 8h … 24h ago so far updating from 5 ‘in 5’ or 10 ‘in 10’ minutes. All this with updates in real time.
I do not know if I was clear in my doubt.

It might be helpful to be more clear, are you trying to show the 2h,4h,8h etc… each in one chart or you want each chart to have 2h,4h,8h etc… all in one chart for each machine?
I’m lost after that, what you me 5 in 5 and 10 in 10? you want to update them in a specific pattern??

Let’s think of a chart for just one piece of equipment.
In this chart I need to show the temperature of this equipment (I already have the tag for that) and the user can choose to see the last 2hr, 4hr, 8hr etc. It filters. And be able to choose the update pattern. If you want to update every 5 minutes, 10 in 10 minutes etc. In real time.
It would be possible?

Well you say you have the tag for the temperature right? for the chart to work the data has to come from some table so first you need to make a transaction group and put data in the table, you can do it however you want, I’d say maybe every minute. so every 60 second one row of data goes into the table and then you can query the data how you want.

Is this the best way?
I am ask you because I never do this.

Say me if the Tag Historin works like this. Please.

Configure tag history on one of your database connections. Edit your tags to enable history and set the timing and deadband requirements for recordings.
Place EasyCharts on your monitoring window. Drag history-enabled tags from the tag browser to the appropriate charts.

Thank you all for the help.