Chart in Report


I’m using “Timeseries Chart” to generate my chart in the report. In this chart, the value is plotted through a Tag Historian Query.

Data is being plotted normally. However, my question is as follows:

Is it possible to manually enter a new value in this same graph without the need to search from the historian?

These LIMIT values are manually entered on screen. I would like to insert this value in the graph without the need to get this value from the historian:


This would be pretty easy to do if you historized the Limit values. You can create a script data source that you use to insert your limit values, then add a pen for the limit. I have done this with query data sources, not with the tag history data sources but it should be doable.

I just tested this out with a tag history query. In this example i have some sample historical data, and then i added a new column to the tag history query. I just added another pen to the chart to display the new limit column.

	queryData = data['tag_history'].getCoreResults()
	limit = []

	for row in range(queryData.getRowCount()):
	data['tag_history'] = system.dataset.addColumn(queryData, limit, 'limit', float)