Chart inside carousel

Hi there,

Im using Ignition 8.1.0 and have problems showing a XY Chart inside a carousel.
When i load the page in the client is all seems to be normal:

However if I change the value of a dropdown on the screen which changes a parameter given to the carousel and affect the data inside of it then the display of the axis will differ from the expected behaviour. See screenshots below:

Try to use the “useDefaultViewWidth” and “useDefaultViewHeight” parameters on the carousel control to force the dimensions. You would probably want all your views you’re loading in the carousel to have the same dimensions probably.

If that doesn’t work try putting your chart inside a tab container with just 1 tab and hide the tab bar. I’ve had that fix some layout issues. Then you load that view in your carousel. It’s a kludge but I’ve had that fix some layout issues in older versions of Perspective.

I haven’t specifically tried that with a carousel or 8.1 yet but I’ve had that fix layout issues in some flex layouts.

hmm, the problem is I do not want to force the dimensions because of the use of different screen sizes. Also this shouldnt be the solution because the flex doesnt change in size with the dropdown items.

The tab container sounds like a better solution, however it feels as a workaround for a bug that might be fixed when upgrading, still thanks for offer that solution it may worth a try.