Chart Inside Table not Show Data

I have a time series chart inside a table header of a table group child that isn’t showing data. In design preview mode, the preview XML shows the data exactly where it’s expected to be. The data for the chart comes from the tag history child query of a nested query; where the parent query is an SQL query. If the chart was indeed getting no data, then I would expect the No Data label; but I’m not see that, so with that it would seem the data is there somewhere. The preview limit is unchecked.

It seems like the chart needs to be in the header section, because if’s located in the details section a new chart is shown for every data point.

If I put a chart on a page by itself, and use a single level query of the same tag history, the data shows up fine.

The console shows no output and the gateway log shows no problems. I feel like I’ve run out of knobs to turn and levers to pull, and things to check.

Any ideas welcome! Thanks!!

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Figured it out: The chart needs to be in the details section of the parent table.


I have the same scenario. The preview XML sow data as expected but a chart is not showing any data. Its showing date as 1970-30-01.
If you have any information related to this scenario please share.