Chart overlay with two datasets with category axis

I am trying to plot a second dataset that has fewer rows than the first. The first dataset has 30 rows with 30 different string categories. The second dataset only has 3 rows with 3 of the same string categories as the first dataset. I have both datasets using the same category axis. When the chart is graphed the three data points from the second dataset are equally spaced across the chart and do not line up with the category axis. The 3 red dots in the picture should overlay on top of the last three black points to the right. If I add 27 blank rows to the dataset it works, but there must be a way to get them to line up by category. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Can you put this chart in a window with exactly the data shown here and export it and post it so I can take a look?

here you go.
CategoryAxisMismatch.fwin (24.3 KB)

Ok, I look a long hard look at this, and the basic upshot is that having two different datasets with intersecting categories is not really supported, unless the intersection is complete (which is why it works when you add the 27 blank rows to the dataset). I agree that this isn’t optimal behavior, but fixing it is going to be a pretty serious effort on our part, so its not something that we can sneak in real fast.

You have 2 options in the meantime:

  1. Add 27 blank rows to the beginning (use null or java.lang.Double.NaN values to prevent the dots from appearing)

  2. Combine the dsOutside dataset with one of the other “complete” datasets, adding a 3rd column for the dsOutside data. Again use null or NaN values to omit the values.

This morning I worked on coding rows with None to be inserted into the dataset.