Chart Question

Just wondering if it is possible to pull up historical data from a table, but use real time data as well. What i mean is, say while i am looking at the chart, i want to see my new values update every 1 second, but store to my database every 10 seconds, so i have a faster resolution while viewing the data. This can help operators smooth out process faster when they need to, but give engineering the data we need for our records without overloading the system with historical data and slowing down the system due to a large DB.

We can’t change FactorySQL logging group’s execution speed dynamically, so I think the best way to do this would be to have two groups. One stores history every 10 seconds for a long period of time, and the other stores history at a higher resolution (1 second), but deletes rows older than, say, 1 day. This gives you high resolution data, but only for a recent time period. You can even view the data together by UNIONing your two history tables together.

Hope this helps,

Carl’s method of UNIONing the data should work well for you. It’s worth noting that I have a pending feature request for a component that builds up a “historical” dataset based on faster “realtime” readings. I think it will do exactly what you’re looking for.

I would like to expand on the question. Is it possible to view and see the new records automatically? Right now I see a set of data when I open the chart up. New records are being added - but my chart does not change. If I move the slider, I can see new data when I move it back to present time.

Is there a way for the chart to be updated without interference from the operator?

Changing the Chart Mode to realtime will cause the Chart to automatically refresh its data periodically. The historical chart doesn’t refresh its data without user interaction by design.

Thanks - missed that property before.