Chart Range Selector Time Axis

I am using a Chart Range Selector component to select a date/time range for a report display. I have a script that sets the selectedRange:start to one day prior to the current time, and the selectedRange:end to the current time. I assign a time (in ms) to each of the data:time entries that splits up the time difference across each tick on the time axis.

This all works well, except that the tick marks on the time axis never show more than a few minutes of data, regardless of the start and end range selection (see picture). What property do I need to update so that the tick marks show the time that is stored in the data:time property?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @m.boog, that sounds like a problematic implementation. The start and end values of the selectedRange property are meant to be driven by the brush selection and are updated as the brush is repositioned or redrawn. The values for the time axis are driven by the overall time range of the data that you feed into the chart. Note that the time range displaying below the time axis represents the range that is selected by the brush as opposed to the total range of the chart.

It sounds like what you want to do is have a Named Query with the date filtering that you mentioned bound to the data property of the component. Something like this would probably work for you:

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