Chart Range Selector with multiple tags

Hey guys,

I’m using a time series chart i downloaded from ignition exchange, it is the “Click to Graph” chart.
I have paired this with a Chart Range Selector component so i can choose a range of times to see my trend.

The problem I am having is when multiple historical tags are selected. The chart range selector shows the correct trend for the 1st tag, but the 2nd tag is not accurate at all.

However, when both tags are added, the time series chart shows the correct trends.

Any help?

Hi @emery.merkley, the Chart Range Selector stacks the trend data when multiple data sources are being plotted. We have a ticket open to address that behavior, but in the mean time, a single data source will provide the correct look for that component.

I’m trying to plot two traces (two different y-axes) on the chart range selector and the trends are stacked as you mentioned. Is there an option to display two different areas on Ignition 8.1.5


I just bumped that ticket recently. This still needs to be addressed.

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