Chart realtime controls

I have a request to enhance the realtime controls: When changing the time units, minutes to hours, for example, the component should adjust the amount of time so that the chart range remains (approximately) the same.

As an example, suppose your chart is displaying the last 55 minutes of data, and you then change the time units to hours, the chart time range changes dramatically and shows the last 2-plus days of data. It would be preferable that the chart change the amount of time to 1 so that the last hour is displayed.

I understand that the algorithm would need to do some rounding when increasing the time unit, as above, but when changing to a smaller time unit, the algorithm could exactly reproduce the time range being displayed.

This is a usability issue because changing to a much larger time unit can cause the chart to pause as it collects the significantly larger amount of data.

Excellent Idea! I can see how the current implementation can potentially cause some problems. I would recommend making a post on our ideas page here:

I just posted the enhancement request.