Chart Report SQL Vision

Hello All,

I need your help with something that is giving me a headache.

I need to graph the data of 3 encoders in the same graph Axis X: Time and Y:Value

Currently I have the data in different SQL tables

In ignition reporting I'm trying with Named Queries

But it just graph the first set because I just can put one data key


I tried with SQL UNION but it sends me a huge table with a lot of repeated data, I tried with just one table with all the data and one additional column for each Encoder (Encoder1, encoder 2, encoder3)


But the same thing, There is no way to select just the data of the encoder 1 or 2 etc.


Do you know how can I Graph my data of the 3 encoders in the same graph?

Thank you

Well it was not possible because the date data in each tables wasn't the same so I did 3 different charts in my report and the customer preferred in this way.

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