Chart subplots

Hi All: How do I turn on subplots on a graph. I have multiple datasets (series) one of which is an on/off value I would like plotted below the x axis as a subplot (I think that is what you call them). TIA D. Lewis


Datasets and series are not interchangeable terms. Series refer to the columns of one “query result” that get translated to the “pens” of a chart. That is, they are the Y-Value columns of a query result - all columns except the first column, which is the X-Value for each series.

Each query result contains one or more series. Each “query result” is a dataset.

All of the series in a given dataset get mapped to the same X and Y axes, and the same subplot.

Ok, now, to assign a dataset to a subplot, first you create a subplot by going to the “Plot Properties” tab of the Chart Customizer. Click the add button in the lower left. Set the Plot Weights of your two plots - this determines how the size of the chart is split up into the subplots. For example, if you want the size to get split up 4-to-1 in favor of the first plot, set the weight of Plot 1 to 4, and the weight of Plot 2 to 1.

Now, go to the “Dataset Properties” tab. Choose the dataset you want to assign to a subplot. Set the “Subplot Number” to select the subplot you want.

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Hi Carl:

Thanks for clearing that up.

The way I have approached all the graphs so far is to have a separate stored procedure executed for each series – each sp will return two columns, x, and y. Some graphs have several series and sometimes the x values (time stamps, in most cases) are the same across series, but in other cases they are not. To standardize my approach to building graphs, I decided to always have a separate query (stored procedure) and dataset for each series, knowing that in some cases I would be returning duplicate x-axes.

If this is a case of something appearing to be a good idea to a beginner, but down the road causing problems, let me know.

Because of this approach, queries, datasets and series sort of seemed like the same thing, at least to a beginner. That is probably why my phrasing was all muddled in the previous post, mixing up terms for them all. D


Ah, that makes sense then. So yes, in your case the terms “datasets” and “series” have a 1-1 correlation, so the terms are pretty much the same.

And no, this is a perfectly fine way of doing things. It is less efficient than packing more series into one query, but effeciency only comes into play on slow networks (WANs) and with large datasets (>100k datapoints per query)

Did you get the subplots to work?

Yep, thanks. Subplot shows up fine, but no data yet. A post on that will follow soon. D

I cannot get the subplots to work with a category axis chart. Any ideas why?

Thank you,

Sorry for the delay on this one. It is true - subplots are currently only supported for XY charts, not category charts.