Chart Template Help

I’m pretty new to the platform, and I’m sure missing something simple in creating a chart template I can then use across the project referencing different tags. I’ve had no issues doing this with individual tags, but am missing something when looking to link data sets as opposed to live tag values. Each chart will ultimately have up to 9 items graphed, but for the sake of simplicity I’ve started with one (though from the process below, I can’t see how I’d do >1 this way).

Set up the template
Added a template parameter (Temp1) with the Type as Dataset, Drop Target checked
Added an Easy Chart

Here’s where I may be going amiss

In Tag Pens I’ve bound that under Property to the Temp1 parameter as you’d do, for example, with an LED Display
It seems happy enough with that so I drag it into a window
From there I go to Template Properties and link it to a tag history, but it’s losing the date reference and in general isn’t working.

I’ve created charts in windows with indrect tags for dropdowns, but in my limited use, don’t see how to incorporate this approach into a template.

Any help or tutorials is greatly appreciated.


There’s no way to get a Tag History Binding into an EasyChart. You have to let the EasyChart do its own history query. The tagPens dataset doesn’t contain the actual history data, it contains the information the EasyChart needs to construct its own query. The date range info is in separate properties on the EasyChart that you would also have to bind to template properties if you wish to pass them through.
Consider using a temporary window to use to configure a chart with the desired tags, then cut and paste its dataset(s) to your template instance. Similar to what is described in this topic.

Thanks for the note. I’ll check that out and see how well it would work. I was hoping to create just a layout template (identical range/axis formats/titles/names) and use that across a few dozen location by dragging pens onto it but it looks as if that’s a bridge too far (at least of my abilities) at the moment.