Chart title font property editing missing?


Fairly new to all this but I am looking for the chart title font property for a pie chart.

I have filtered the properties to All and can see the Legend Font, and Label Font properties but I cannot see how I can customise the title font (just need to make the font size smaller, they are only small graphs and half the graph object is the title at the moment)

Any ideas?

I am using the latest stable ign version 7.2.8 if that makes any difference.

You’re right - it is missing. I suggest removing the title all together and putting a label above the chart as a workaround. I’ll see about getting that property added in.

This has been added for 7.3

Thanks, looking forward to 7.3!

It would be nice to have it on the EasyChart as well

Yeah, I guess it should be there too. I’ll add it for 7.4.3


How about a property for legend font size?