Chart title not following color of style class

Am I doing something wrong? I can change the font and font size of the chart title with a style class, but it seems to ignore font color…it seems to be following a default color of some kind even though the color property is blank (it still shows that grey color)?

What if you delete the color key from the font object entirely? Or, if that starts yelling at you, set it to inherit?

I had tried deleting it and that didn’t do anything. Inherit did change it, but to black, not the color specified in the style class… :thinking:

Try opening your chart view in the browser, then use the dev tools (Ctrl + Shift + I) to see the inheritance stack and where the gray/black is coming from. It’s possible a global style (something you could override through Perspective theme-ing) is set to a higher precedence than your style class rule.

Ah, good idea. Turns out “fill” is the correct parameter for a chart title, not font color when using a style class (though for inline style font color is what works).

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