Chart with multiple Y-Axis

Hello all

I want to create a line chart that displays 3 different values.
1st value range 0 to 1600
2nd value range -10 to +70
3rd value range -2 to +8

Is there a way in Ignition to create a chart with 3 individual Y-Axis and Axis Labels like in the attached picture?


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you can,

Using the “easy chart customiser”, you can add additional axis and select which tag uses which axis.

take a look at this video from Inductive University

The chart customizer allows you to specify multiple axes with individual units and ranges. For each pen in an EasyChart, or each dataset in a classic Chart, you assign the axis to use for that data. If you need to customize the placement of the scales, you would use the JFreeChart interface in the configureChart() extension method.


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that solved my problem.