Chart X axis range problem

I noticed a strange error when using the Chart object. I was using it in “XY Plot” mode with numeric axes - the X axis was set from 0 to 20, and the Y axis from 0 to 30.

I then plotted 2 integer points on the chart. I found that if the upper bound of the X axis was not at least one greater than the right-hand point X value, the point would not be plotted and the line would not draw. For example if the X value of the right-hand point was 19, the upper bound would have to be at least 20. If it was 19, or 19.5 etc. the line would not appear.

This problem only seems to affect the upper bound of the X axis - the lower bound of the X and both bounds of the Y seem fine.

Can you repeat this bug?

Yep, I sure can. Probably was introduced with the new graph optimization - we’ll get it fixed.