Chart - X axis sequence for pareto chart

Creating a pareto chart using the chart control with data from sql query. I have the data pulling into the chart and changed it from line to bar render, but having an issue getting the chart not to arrange the x axis data from from least to greatest based on the number returned. My x axis value is state number and I am evaluating how man times the state number occurs.

In a regular bar chart returns correctly from order of highest frequency to lowest from an order by statement in my sql query.

In a standar chart when I use bar render re-orgs by value of state number 0-8. So I basically want the x axis values to appear in the order by query returns them, not auto arrange from least to greatest of the state number returned.

I have attached a sample image to show differences in the returns of the two charts. I am sure this is a simple oversight on my part of the properties of the x axis data on chart customizer just not finding it.

It looks like this is fixed (at least in 7.6.4) but you have to be careful about your category names across multiple datasets.