Chart XY bar renderer customization

Here's an idea. Can a classic chart component with xy bar renderer do this? The one in the picture is a bar chart component. I want a side by side data not a Stacked bar.

No. Not without some meticulous manipulation of your timestamps. It would be a lot easier to do this in the classic chart with the category bar renderer.

What's wrong with using the bar chart component?

because i have another data set with is a line graph. I need to create a pareto chart

Have you seen the previous post I did on this topic?

I see. I also have an idea like that to overlay the chart to a bar chart but I'm having a problem with my x axis because its customize base on the aggregation date selected. Like if weekly it must be Mon-Sun when daily is must be Hourly.

My chart is okay already. Thanks for the help.

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