Chat and Forum

A forum and chat module would be a nice (easy to add) addition. On the surface, this may seem like it is unrelated to the goals of this application, but this kind of communication would allow for better control and could tie into many different features. Down time feedback comes to mind.

I would like to be able to have discussion threads and be able to link to asset#/ equipment/tag/dates…
threads with sub threads, owners, open/closed issue options… the note module is a good start, but it doesn’t really allow for sub threads or the addition of features such as thread owners, tags, open/closed issue status.

Possible scenario, system moderator able to communicate with selected client… (maybe able to be done already)

The module API would let you create such things. That would be a rather large undertaking. I would use the following

It has all the features you need.

PHPBB even has chat client plugins:

How does this incorporate with a client or ignition itself? or is just externally launched/accessed?
I think I will download because the price is right!

A web chat/forum system currently doesn’t have much to do with Ignition directly. This feature request asked for an embedded web chat/forum running under Ignition. Many free awesome products exists (including PHPBB, which is what you’re reading right now). Our philosophy is, and has been, to “leverage existing technology” and not “re-invent the wheel”, which I believe, has led to a lean, cost effective platform capable of the features you (collectively) want.

You have a few ways of loosely coupling this with Ignition. You can externally launch a web browser or, if you’re using Windows clients, use an ActiveX IE browser plugin (less recommended route). A really slick (potentially technical) solution would be to create Ignition screens that interact with the underlying database of your external system directly - Ignition is capable of complex database interaction. For example, the system or operator might create cases within your SCADA system that are followed up via a web based BB system.