Chatbot in Ignition


Is it possible to integrate chatbot in ignition ?



We’re going to need more information from you if we’re to help.

What Chatbot? Can it be embedded, or does it have an API to call? Are you thinking of using the WebDev module for this? What have you already tried?

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Yes it is be possible.

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Check PerfectChat module by Nick Mudge:

I was referring to chat engine framework over the internet.

Hi Jonathan,

We are exploring to provide some decision support for users such as when a situation arise, how the user should react. We haven’t tried anything yet but to find out whether it is possible to do. We needs it to be embedded as there will be no internet connection and are exploring of using kepware IOT gateway to publish some api.

Hopes to hear from your suggestions soonest…

Hi Pramanj,

We have no access to the internet . Hence, the chat bot needs to work with local servers.

Hi GeraGarcia,

Thanks and will read more about it.

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