Check if a Power Table Cell if about to be edit

I have a Power Table , and i have a custom property called editorder(Boolean).

I want to to set editorder to 1 when the user is about to start editing, (this would be the user doing click on any cell of the table that belongs to the columns, (id, casecount). is there a way to do this?

I tried using the DoubleClick to do this, and I set the Edit Click Count on the Power Table to 2 and I even tried with 3. none of them work. this DoubleClick works if the user clicks the table area where there are no rows or cells. but if it click on an actual cell. it does not trigger this property.

Why not onMousePress? That fires immediately, not after editing.

In order for cells to support responding to events in order to edit, they have listeners. In java, input events are only delivered to the innermost listener that applies, so the table itself will never see these events.
Please describe what you are trying to do with that information, so we can suggest alternatives.

If you need that kind of customisation, it’s probably best to design your own custom template, and use a template repeater to create a table-like look.

F.e. the image below is just a template with a label and a text field with grey borders on a white background, repeated a number of times to look like a table.

That way, I can do a lot more checks when editing.

Or otherwise still show the data in a table, but use a popup window to edit the data.

I have a table that is used for editing information in a database. To know when it is being edited I have a memory tag that set to true using a toggle button. The table can only be edited when the selected property of the toggle button equals one. When it is deselected, the tag shows a 0 which means they are no longer in edit mode. I also put in some code that automatically sets the edit button and tag back to 0 if the user navigates away from the window without turning edit mode off.

While this is true, the default handlers still forward the event to the table itself. The table’s onMousePress always fires on editable cells unless you’ve really mucked around with the internals.