Check if Ignition was previously licensed

I’ve got an Ignition install that should have a SQL bridge limited license, but during a move of one of our machines my coworkers did a hard-drive shuffle without knowing what it would affect. The end result is that now I’m not sure if Ignition is running on the same chassis it was originally installed on. The computer chassis that were involved are all identical models so I am unable to tell if it is in fact different.

Is there a place where the license.ipl file that is uploaded during the licensing process is saved on the computer, and is it possible that Ignition would un-license itself if hardware changed? I know it is common to tie licenses to a piece of hardware like a network adapter or hard drive serial number.

Yes, Ignition’s license is tied to the hardware. When the hardware changes Ignnition will be unlicensed. You have to re-activate your Ignition license.

Is there a way I can do that myself, since Ignition is not going to give me the option to release the license, or should I contact email support to get it reset?

Ignition does allow you to unactivate before you change the hardware. If you were not able to unactivate then you have to contact our technical support.