Check-sheet Development in Perspective

Hello There,

I am developing the check-sheet in my project as shown below, where it contain some static data which is never gonna change(marked in yellow) and some data operator need to put (marked blue). All this data I need to store in Database.

What would be your suggestion to develop this like use of container, components.

I tried to developed something (below screen) using "container component" but I think there must be other ways too.

Further I will be using my Tab(10.5') to view sheets along with desktop.

It is rarely a good idea to translate a paper workflow directly into a user interface. Consider presenting the individual items of the checksheet one at a time, with just the Value entry fields, and OK, Not OK, and Next buttons. Arrange the single item to be mobile-friendly. Separately, provide a report generate/download button that yields the database content in the traditional format.