Checkbox Has Focus

Vision v8.0.15.
I usually use this code to catch if something has focus…

from java.awt import KeyboardFocusManager
focusedComponent = KeyboardFocusManager.getCurrentKeyboardFocusManager().getFocusOwner()

if event.propertyName == "selected" and ==
	print 'changed'

… this works on textboxes, numeric boxes, dropdowns, etc., but it will not work on a checkbox.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Edit, it doesn’t work on popup calendar either. comes back as None.

I had focusable unchecked on the checkbox. After checking it worked. But the popup calendar still doesn’t work and it doesn’t have a focus property. I tried doing this…

comp = event.source

… but no worky. Any ideas on how to get the focus from popup calendar?