Checking two dropdown to open a report

Hi everyone! this forum is very helpful during my job!

This is my problem: I need to compare the selected value of two dropdown and connect the choice to the Report Path of a report viewer.
if the selected value of dropdown is A and the selected value of dropdown is B i need to see on report viewer the report “reportAB”…(but each dropdown are populated with a query).

I tried to create an if on “report path” and it works, but when i try to make my choice from the two dropdown, the if seems to work because in the property editor I see the report path changing but it seems like the parameters of each report (opened by the if) are losting connection with dropdown. So I see the right report on the viewer, but the result of the search is wrong.
Hope I explained well. Thanks .

Were you able to solve this issue? Can you provide more information or screenshots if you’re still having trouble?