Checksum or modified timestamp for resources

I have a system that exports certain resources to the filesystem. In order to implement this sensibly I need to know when resources have been modified.

I’m currently using a hash on Resource.getData(), but this is not really suitable:

  1. Re-hashing the entire resource data every time is not particularly efficient.
  2. The hash changes if the designer saves with the resource open, even if no real changes have been made.
  3. The hash changes for every resource if the designer is closed and reopened. This results in a complete re-export of the entire project, which takes a fairly long time.

I was hoping Resource.getEditCount() might be useful, but while the value is currently in the range 3000-8000 for all of my resources it does not appear to change.

Please could something be added to the module SDK that gives a reliable checksum, version number or modified timestamp for all Resource objects.