[CHI] Generic TCP Driver - OPC-UA TCP client/server driver

The generic tcp driver connects network devices that use a custom protocol to the Ignition OPC-UA server. The communication protocol is configurable for each device. This driver does not poll data but expects the connected device to send messages on its own.

Current Version: 2.6.2

The Generic TCP Driver module adds two new drivers to the Ignition OPC-UA Server:
[ul]Generic TCP Client Driver[/ul]
The client driver connects actively to a remote device.
[ul]Generic TCP Server Driver[/ul]
The server driver is a a passive listener. It opens a tcp-port on the server machine and waits for remote devices to establish a connection. Each driver instance allows multiple remote devices to connect.This mode is useful for devices like barcode scanners or network cameras.

Minimum Ignition version: 7.6.4

This driver replaces the TCP Binary Driver. Please note that the configuration is not compatible.

This is a free module. Though it has been tested, i can not guarantee that it will work as expected in your application. Feel free to post problems to the feedback forum.

If you are interested in how the driver works or want to contribute: The source code is available at Github

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