[CHI] Scripting Extensions

This module exposes some advanced functions to scripting. Some other users seem to have similar requirements, so feel free to use it in your projects.

Current version 1.5.0
This is a free module.
Tested in 7.5.3 and 7.5.4.

[li]system.db.storeHistory - Insert a record to a database table using the Store&Forward system. Records may be grouped using an optional timeout.[/li]
[li]system.db.forwardHistory - Forward pending records and cancel the timeout.[/li]
[li]system.util.addGatewayScriptModule - Adds a script module to the gateway context. Allows using custom functions with runScript() in expression tags.[/li][/ul]

See the attached pdf for a detailed documentation.

A word of warning: Though this module works without problem in my system, it bears great potential for catastrophic failures. These are advanced functions, so make sure you know what you are doing and use on your own risk!
CHI Scripting Extensions-module.modl (13.4 KB)
help.pdf (38.5 KB)