[CHI] TCP Binary Driver - A binary mode TCP OPC-UA driver

I created a little (at least it startet little) OPC-UA driver module.

This driver connects to devices that send messages with binary data. The message format is configurable for each device.
This driver does not poll data but expects the connected device to send messages on its own.

Possible applications are:
-Connect devices that are not supported by default drivers but allow custom TCP-IP connection.
-Log data from devices when an exact source timestamp is needed.
-Log data from devices that use internal data buffering.

I actually like the idea of IA’s free OPC-UA server, so this module is also free.

Though this module has been tested, i can not guarantee that it will work as expected in yout application. Feel free to post problems to the feedback forum.
TCP Binary Driver-module-1.6.0.modl (231 KB)
TCP Binary Driver-module-1.5.0.modl (229 KB)
TCPBinaryDriver-Help.pdf (128 KB)

New module version 1.6.0 for Ignition 7.6.

Did you have any problems modifying your driver(s) to accommodate the driver API changes in the UA module between 1.5 and 1.6?

No, the new API is nice. The new subscription and driver state systems actually make things easier. In the old API i had to fake a connection to get my subscriptions.
Only the hidden update to Wicket 6 caused some trouble, as i use a quite heavy configuration interface. It would be helpful if the Wicket javadocs could be merged with the API’s javadoc.