Child tables in a report


I’m trying to have a two-page master-detail template with master’s items shown on the first page
(one record per page) and corresponding details shown on following pages (one or more pages, n records per page).

I’m trying to create a Table Group with two datasets, one being master and the other being the details, containing
a column suitable for grouping.

The problem is I can’t get the child table to show up anything. ReportMill documentation is talking about “list key” of the master table, but there are no multi-value columns in Ignition datasets is there? Only thing shown is the master table,
but nothing extra for each row.

Should this work and how? The documentation is a bit sparse on this.


The report easily supports peer tables which are multiple datasets that appear one after the other in order. You can use child tables but the problem is being able to put datasets inside of datasets. That can be done through scripting if you really want to use it. I know the documentation is a little sparse but we can help you through the report.

Please, I’d appreciate any child table scripting hints.

Could you provide me something thorough enough in a single shot so I can
get it to work as soon as possible? My main problem is that I’m from the other side
of the world and this massively slows down any dialog we might be having.


Ok, I thought Datasets only supported column types the designer implies, but not so.
Column type Dataset popped in just fine, so now it seems to work (in principle at least).