Chinese char not display correct

Hi there , I am new to ignition.
Just curious that, is anyone who ever work with Chinese char in the script ?
For example, in the demo project form induction, in the database manipulation window.
If we select an Chinese title file(such as “中文.docx”) to upload, it will display “??” in the updated table.
The same to the inventory window, if we add a new item with Chinese name(such as “扳手”), new item will display “??” in the updated table.
Any ideas?
I tried both Mac and Win 7, got the same problem.

we get same problem, either in report or in script, it can not work normally.

Actually it had been fixed by modification of mysql configuraiton

In scripts, you will need to use the unicode strings from python.

u"扳手" # this should work
"扳手" # this won't