Chinese characters are displayed as boxes

Chinese characters in the component property settings are displayed as boxes.How to solve this problem?

That’s a font issue – the font being used in the property editor doesn’t know how to display Chinese.

What version (ie build date) are you using? We had some fixes for this recently, so I’m not sure if we missed one of the pre-done fonts, or you are using something from before the fix.

We don’t include the CJK fonts by default. See this post

Oh, derp, Kevin is absolutely right.

The version I am using is, I also found that any place with Chinese characters is displayed as a box, such as alarm status component and alarm journal component.ect.

this is expected. If you install the Google Noto CJK fonts on your system they should be visible just fine. We don’t bundle them due to their file size. There is a helpful article HERE about these fonts and CJK. At some point we would like a more graceful way to deploy these fonts from the Gateway but we currently don’t have real support for this.

Jonathan C