Chinese Language support

Hi, does ignition support Chinese language? I didn’t find the language button to convert from English to Chinese. Can anyone know and help? Thanks a lot!

You wish to add in translations for clients, or translate the designer?

The first can be done with the translation manager. Creating Translation Lists - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

But I doubt the designer is translated

The free Inductive University videos on localization in Ignition might be helpful here.

Yes, Ignition definitely supports Chinese (we test quite a few of our localization features with Chinese characters), but it’s not like you push a single button and it happens. Because the terms in your project are likely unique to your project, there’s no way we can guess what a word means for you. (Does “stop” mean “halt” or does it mean a train station or does it mean a period?) That means you need to supply the translations, which we can then apply in your project.

Our goal is to make everything seen in the Vision client or the Perspective session translatable and localizable so that people on the plant floor can use Ignition in their language and with number and date formats they understand. We put less emphasis on the Designer and even less emphasis on the Gateway, since it’s more likely that you will find people who know at least a little English who can work in those areas.

Thank you all!
I follow the manual as below instruction:
Add a New Language In Designer, right click in your workspace and select Translations from the dropdown. The Translatable Terms window will open.

However, I right click in Designer workspace, it didn’t show anything. Did I miss anything to set up?

Thanks for your help!

Where are you right clicking?

Tested on main window space 7.9.12 and 8.0.14

7_9_12 8_0_14