Choose Docking Layout

Allow the user to choose docking layout: whether vertical takes the most space or horizontal takes the most space.

This would be really useful!

You should already be able to rearrange your palettes like that. Or am I misunderstanding something?

I think he means actual Docked Windows in the application, rather than the various pallettes in Designer.

In my experimentation I’ve seen a West docked window overlap a North docked window and didn’t see a way to change that. Maybe I need to have a closer look at the Typical Navigation project.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

Yes, I mean in the application, if you have a west docked window and a north docked window, you only have one layout available. Personally I prefer that the north window takes all the space left to right, but there is no way to set it up that way.

Best Regards.

I will add a ticket in for this. We will keep you informed if there is any progress.

I would like to see this feature added as well…I would rather have my north window docked all the way across the top and the left window docked below it…I fought for it for a day before i realized it could not work.

Any updated word on this functionality? Needing to do this in current projects i am working on.

No, there aren’t any updates. This feature is pretty low on the list right now.

Happy to say that this is being done for Ignition 7.7

And I’m happy to hear you say that :smiley:

Great News!

Thank you!