Choosing project default database for tag history configuration

We build and deploy Ignition configurations for clients in our industry, and we have standard UDTs for devices and functions. One thing we have found helpful is the “default tag provider” setting in the project settings, so we can easily deploy from our dev and test environments to client production environments and have a tag namespace for each physical location. In our Perspective views, we can reference []path/to/tag and then [] will connect to the project’s defined default tag provider.

Is there anything similar to this for the History/Storage Provider setting within tags/UDTs? We’d like to set this to match the default database defined in the project properties.


Tags and UDTs are not part of projects. They are global to the gateway. So what would you actually set these to?

We’d like to bind them to projects or at least our project-specific tag providers.

Ultimately, what I want to do is make sure we can change the storage provider for an entire stack of UDTs without doing a json export, manual find/replace, and json import. That’s what I do today, it works, but it’s a bit clumsy.