Chrome Browser - Support for NPAPI plugins being dropped

This past week, while attempting to launch an Ignition Project in Applet mode using the Chrome browser, I was prompted for a Java Update. The result of this update was that the applet wouldn’t run in Chrome unless you go to: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and click enable npapi.

Further I read: that google will be COMPLETELY DISCONTINUING npapi functionality by Chrome release v45 due sometime in 2015.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Why is a chrome limitation being spurred on by a Java update? (Chrome browser didn’t change)
Is I.A. aware of the impending discontinuing?
Will Java have another way to embed their content in Chrome browser?

Obviously there are work-arounds to not supporting Applet mode in Chrome browser, but it just looks bad when the product is no longer supported by the most used browser. :/

Yes, we are aware, and frankly, not all that surprised. Applets are pretty well accepted as being an outdated technology. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. There are security risks for browsers to have plugin technology like applets enabled. Running an applet from a trusted application like Ignition isn’t inherently risky, but if you were to visit a compromised site with that same browser that had applets enabled, you might end up running an applet you didn’t want to, which could be dangerous.

I recognize that this news may put some of our customers in a tough spot, however, I’d estimate that less than 2 percent of our customers use Ignition in applet mode. It just isn’t popular. The vast majority use Java Web Start, and a growing number are switching to the native client launchers.

Are you saying that after the Chrome changes later this year we wont be able to run the applet and there’s nothing that can be done about it?
I have a number of clients using the applet with great success, will there be any way to run Ignition in a browser in the future?

Well, it’s not quite that black and white. I think that as time goes on, you will just have to jump through more and more security/configuration hoops in order to get Applets to work. For example, with this recent chrome change, there is still a way to re-enable applets, it just takes some doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if other browsers followed suit.

Well, yes. First of all, you can probably continue to use applets (understanding the caveats above) for the near future. Second, there is the Mobile Module, which allows for running Vision projects applet-free in-browser. Don’t worry, we are fully commited to providing an in-browser visualization mechanism for Ignition, it just won’t be applets in the long-term.

Thanks Carl,
I’ll look at the Mobile module a bit more then. I’ve had a few problems with it in the past but I’m sure these will be sorted out soon.

With this news the complete java plugin for the browsers are discontinued.
Can ignition supply a in browser visualization without this java plugin? (maybe something in HTML5?)

I am curious of the future of ignition visualization because the mobile client that we use for the smartphone and tablet is a bit outdated with the look and feel and user experience.
And now the browser visualization will stop working when oracle stops supporting it.

Yes, we’re working on a solution to render without the need of any plugins.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please give me a hint what the solution will be?
When can we expect any news on the solution ?