Circular menu

On my mobile clients, I can’t use 2 finger zoom like I can with any other web page. I have to long press on the screen to get some sort of strange circular menu that I then switch between a hand and a pointer. Where is this coming from and how do I make it stop?

That is just how the mobile module works. When you hold your finger down it opens a circular context menu. There are two modes: pointer and hand. When in pointer mode you cannot zoom by pinching. You can only interact with the screen. When in hand mode you can zoom and pan. Unfortunately, you have to go back and forth between the two modes. We are trying to figure out a way to make that better.

Is 7.9 still supporting function? Currently I’m not able to call out this function.

I am having problem with the “mobile project context menu” in v7.9. Its stated in the document, but I am not able to get it to show up.