Cirrus link modules

I just saw that the MQTT modules from Cirrus Link are not listed (so not compatible) with v 8.14. Is there a special link were we can download those modules?

Hi! They’re targeted to be released late this week or early next week. The downloads page you were looking at is the right location to look at. When they’re ready they’ll be uploaded here.

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Note, if you want a copy now, you could install a nightly build. These are going through testing, but likely will be exactly the same code upon release.
Distributor, Engine, and Transmission are the modules in that list that will run in Maker.

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Thanks . I have just installed the nightly build version and are working fine. Thanks for the support

That is good news. Are they also available for free for Private use?

Just to comment, I updated to 8.0.14 and also updated the MQTT modules to 4.0.4 which in theory are not compatible with this version, but so far they seem to be working fine (though my setup is quite simple and straightforward). Not that I’d advocate for you to try this, just thought I’d mention it in case someone else updated without checking compatibility like I did.

Also, will there be updated documentation on how to configure TLS? It seems to be completely different from before.

Are they also available for free for Private use?

Yes, they are free for personal use. Specifically Distributor, Engine and Transmission are maker compatible.

…will there be updated documentation on how to configure TLS?

Cirrus Link is normally good about updating their documentation, so I’d check their user manual after the final version of the modules are released.

I’d like to play with making my modules recognize Maker mode. Are there new 8.0.14 JavaDocs available yet? That would show the interfaces I would need… ?
is available, but I don’t know if the licensing model for Marker is part if it.

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Just override isMakerEditionCompatible() in your module hook. That should be all you need to allow it to load.

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Also, inside the module code if you want to find out if the version you’re running on is Maker Edition, call PlatformEdition.isMaker()


Yeah, that’s simple. Now I get to decide how much capability to expose for free. (:

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Today I noticed a weird stuff. My MQTT tags were suddenly all read only. They were working fine since the last time I worked with Maker but now I was not able to write anything. I manage to restore the situation by deleting all tags and make the MQTT engine create them again

Looks like the docs are now updated.

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Will the Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC Driver be updated to work with Maker Edition? I get a license invalid message after installing the current version of that module.

The Opto22 driver is not compatible with Maker edition at this time. Currently only MQTT Distributor, MQTT Engine, and MQTT Transmission run under Maker edition.