Cirrus Link MQTT Recorder Module - What is the difference between this and using the Tag Historian module?

I recently saw this in the module list, but it sounds very much like what you would get if you just enable history on the MQTT tags themselves, only for 4.2x the price. What am I missing?

Don't know for sure, but it looks like it's a straight pipe from MQTT into a DB, no tags or tag history in between.

I don't know what a RECORD object is...

It seems very expensive if that's all it does... :man_shrugging:

Software is funny like that. You can charge whatever people will pay :man_shrugging:

But we can just use the Tag Historian which is 4x cheaper. Very strange

My theory: special order in response to a specific customer demand, charged a premium for the inconvenience, and are offering up the module in case anyone else has this specific need.

This is a totally uninformed guess and I have no special insight into what this actually is or why.

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Specific data blocks with soe and history time stamped at the field equipment level, I guess, for oil & gas flow meter. We have same kind of specific rtu here in France for water (Lacroix SOFREL) and we developed and validated the driver, but not at this price level ! Maybe we should. But water is not oil…