Cirrus MQTT error

I had the cirrus modules set up and working in 7.9… I’ve installed the latest modules for v8 and I cant get it to work right.

I can get the MQTT device (Raspberry pi) to connect to my V8 server and send its messages, If I use a MQTT tool on my phone for example and listen in for the message on the server i see the message. So it seems like the MQTT server is doing everything it should be doing. Except, its not passing the tags into the designer and I’m getting the following errors. I’m on the latest Nightly build of ignition and 4.0.1 for the Cirrus Modules.

If you’re using just plain MQTT topics and a simple plain/json payload, you’ll need to change the default configuration for MQTT Engine, which expects to consume MQTT topics that conform to the Sparkplug B specification. It looks like that is why it is failing to parse things right now for you.

Thankyou. I’ll look over my settings again. The MQTT server is receiving the Info, just not passing it into tags.

I had it working under 7.x.x and copied all the settings over page for page to V8 with the gateways open side by side.

So I’m either missing something or something was changed for v8.

Found the problem, was simple after all. I had to go to the Service Security in the gateway page and allow the MQTT modules access to tags.