Classic Chart date range


I’m torturing myself with the Classic Chart component.
I have a dataset with one value per week (starting on monday). Here is the Chart and the Dataset used to populate this chart.

What I would like is to have the ticks on the x-axis to be centered on the bars and display the date that is in the dataset.
Is it possible ?

Try changing your chart to a ‘Category’ configuration. This is a slightly painful process that will probably throw a series of errors at you while you’re in the process of doing it.

  1. Change the ‘Chart Type’ property on the chart itself to ‘Category Chart’.
  2. In the Chart Customizer → X Axes, create a new Category axis.
  3. In the Chart Customizer → Dataset Properties, switch the X-Axis of the ‘Data’ property to your new category axis.
  4. In the same Dataset Properties, switch the renderer to ‘Category Bar Renderer’.

Will try that, I’ll just have some date formatting to do because the Data is populated with a SQL query.
Thnaks alot !

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