Classic Chart - Mixed Line and Area graph?

Is it possible on a (classic) Chart component to have one pen shown as area and two pens shown as lines? (Ignition 7.6.6)

My data is bound to an SQL query, which simplified is:

SELECT t_stamp, colA, colB, colC FROM mytable ORDER BY t_stamp

I would like colA to be a line with the area shaded underneath, but colB and colC to be just lines (in fact these last two are constants so they will just be horizontal lines).

I go into the Chart Customizer, Dataset Properties tab then select Data on the left hand side.

I can then change the Renderer dropdown on the right to XY Area Renderer which means in the bottom section I can then select the Type as Area.

But this affects all 3 pens.

The only other way I wondered about was having two separate data sets.

SELECT t_stamp, colA, FROM mytable ORDER BY t_stamp
SELECT t_stamp, colB, colC FROM mytable ORDER BY t_stamp

and having different settings on each one.

I’ve tried this method and it seems to work, but this seems a bit inefficient from an SQL point of view.
Is there any better way to achieve what I want.

I seem to think with the Easy Chart you can change the pen type on a per pen basis.

If memory serves (I did this once a while back, but it’s been a few years), you need to separate what you want to use as the area chart into a separate dataset.

Thanks, yes that’s what I’m currently doing.