Classic Chart with digital line or Easy Chart with dataset

Is it possible to change a datasets on the classic chart to be a digital render? If that is not possible can you set the data in an easy chart to come from a dataset?

The answer to the first question is yes: It is called the XY Step Renderer.
The answer to the second question is no: pen data always comes from the database.

I forgot to mention my x axis is a category. it wont let me use xy step render.

Maybe there is a better way of doing what I am doing. the reason I have a category axis is because I am selecting from many different types of queries and cannot guarantee a field to have the correct order of the data. If I use the date some of the points get grouped togother which need to be seperated. So to cause the chart not to reorder my data I use a category axis with newId() in my select statement. Is there another way in my select statement to get a generted unique number for each of my rows so I can use a value axis for my x axis?

What database are you using?

microsoft sql server 2005 and 2008

Try using the Row_Number() function