Classic VA Plot

Well i am trying to setup a classic VA plot with the chart control. I have dataset using historical tag with the below settings. I then assigned this dataset to the chart and setup the two axis to numeric. but i am getting now values in the chart. Am i missing something?

Can you post a screenshot of the actual dataset? My guess is the quality of the data is bad or there is no data.

Dataset is fine. When running the chart as a time base chart it works fine. Also if you copy the data out of dataset into a new dataset and delete the t_stamp column i get the results i would expect. But if you delete the t_stamp column from the dataset linked to the tag history it flases with the correct data but then the t_stamp column gets added back into the dataset.

Travis i was just going to see if you had any ideas on what is going on here or if i need to go about this in a different manner.

Correct, the tag history binding always adds the t_stamp as the first column. I see what you are trying to do. In this case you have to make a new dataset in scripting since you can’t remove the t_stamp column. Do the following:

  1. Add a custom property to the root container called origData that is a dataset. Right click and select Customizers > Custom Properties.
  2. Bind it to the tag history binding you have right now
  3. Right click on the root container and select Event Handlers…
  4. Choose the propertyChange event and use code like this:if event.propertyName == "origData": origData = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(event.newValue) newData = [] for row in origData: newData.append([row[1], row[2]]) event.source.getComponent("Chart").Data = system.dataset.toDataSet(["Col 1 Name", "Col 2 Name"], newData)Let us know if you have any questions.