Clean store & forward local cache


Is there a simple way to cleanup the local cache (pending data) of a store and forward engine ? Don’t want to destroy the database connexion and recreate it…


You can do the following to delete the cache:

  1. in the gateway navigate to the store and forward section of the configuration page
  2. click edit next to the store and forward pipeline you want to clear the cache from
  3. uncheck the “Disk Cache Enabled” option and then click save
  4. navigate to the Ignition install directory and then the data\datacache directory
  5. locate the folder inside that matches the name of the store and forward pipeline you just disable the disk cache for and then delete it.
  6. go back and re-enable the disk cache option in the gateway.

This process will stop the disk cache, restart the store and forward pipeline and allow you to delete the folder where the cache is stored. Then you’ll have to re-enable the disk cache once you’ve deleted all the cached information.

Hope this helps