Clear a Deleted Alarm

I have deleted a lot alarms recently in UDTs. Its one alarm configured on one tag in the UDT which all 1000+ instances have.

Now alot of the these tags were in alarm when i deleted the alarm. Now the alarm is still active even though the alarm does not exist.

I’ve tried disabling the tag via the UDT or an instance and it still will not clear.

Any suggestions?

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Also curious about this. I have a script that is trying to copy tags to a testing folder, trip the alarm, then read the label on the alarm and record it to a different table. The problem is, when I delete the copied tag from the test folder, sometimes the alarm doesn't clear. How can I clear these? I now have thousands of active alarms for tags that do not actually exist.

I've never seen this problem, but have you tried restarting your gateway?

Stop the gateway.

Delete the file ".alarms_xxxxx" that is in the Ignition/data folder. xxxx will be a number.

Restart the gateway.