Clear Image Cache

Hey guys,

I put together a little display system for some guys so that they can make some powerpoint slides, export them as jpg files into a folder and an Ignition page will cycle through the jpg files. However, if they make a change to one of the jpg files but keep the same file name the new jpg file never gets displayed. The old file with the same name will continue to be displayed. It seems Ignition is caching that file information somewhere.

Is there a way to flush that image cache so new files with the same filename can be displayed?

Iā€™d like to know the answer to this as well. I have a window with a image in it. At one point I changed a color in the image and when I imported the new image I used the same name as the old image and in the designer I always see the previous version of the image. This also occasionally happens in the published project. I have gone through many save and publish cycles since then. I have also cleared out all of my temp files and upgraded to a new Java version since then. Baffling. :scratch:

Cropped image as it appears in designer (this is the old version of the image):

As it appears in the client (usually)

I would imagine you would have to clear the .ignition cache. The image is downloaded with the project. If using Windows, go to


and delete the entire .ignition folder. Relaunch the client any way you choose. The entire project will be re downloaded, including the updated image.

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I deleted the Ignition cache folder and also the client and designer files from the Java cache using the Java control panel and the issue still remains.