Clear input data every time a user opens up a window

I’m trying to clear out the data in input boxes every time a user opens that window. I need this data to clear for my validation to work properly.

Is there an “Open Window” event so that I can use Jython to set these values? Could you provide sample code. My object is a textbox called “prod_code” in the Root Container. I want to set the “text” property to “”.


There are actually three ways to accomplish this.
[li] Set the window’s Cahe Policy to Never. This will cause the window to be opened exactly like it was last time it was saved in the designer, because it will never cache. This is a great option for relatively simple (quick to load) windows.
[li] Bind the text of your text box to a non-polling SQL query such as


This will cause the text to recieve an empty string as its text every time the window is opened.
[li] Use event scripting as you suggested. You would want to put a script like this in the internalFrameActivated event of your window:

event.source.rootContainer.getComponent("prod_code").text = ''